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When a repair is booked in you will be given an estimate for the work before going ahead. In the unlikely event that the problem cannot be fixed, you will not be charged for any time spent and it will be considered a free diagnostic.


Standard Repair

This covers a fault find and fix if your computer is not working properly.

If any hardware is needed to be replaced or any upgrades are recommended we provide a free quotation for the full cost of the repair.


If your computer is running slowly but does not have any major problems then simply book it in for a service and we will get it running up to speed again:


  • Remove adware/spyware

  • Clean system registry

  • Defragment Hard Drive

  • Update Drivers

  • Install Windows Updates

Virus Removal

Complete removal of all virus infections. We check the integrity of the systems anti-virus protection.

We can recommend some programs and practices to help prevent the system from getting infected in the future.

Screen Replacement
Data Recovery

If you have cracked or otherwise broken the screen on your laptop we can replace it.

This repair can usually be carried out same day.

In a lot of cases data can be recovered from non working systems, and backed up onto other external media or transferred to another computer.

We provide a free assessment for data recovery.

Other Services

We offer a range of services including:


  • Upgrades

  • Component installations

  • Driver installations

  • Call-outs

  • Misc. Laptop Fixes

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